Digimatic Mini Processor DP-1VA LOGGER

This DP-1VA printer allows you to print measuring data, statistical evaluations a.s.o.  
  • Digimatic 2 support. 8 digits output for data printing and analysis even from high resolution or long stroke instruments.
  • Statistical evaluations, and data printout from calipers, micrometers and other measuring devices equipped with a Digimatic port.
  • Excellent printing speed, prints upon one-touch start and at low noise level. The thermosensitive paper has outstanding durability and chemical resistance for long-term storage.
  • Timer function for timed measurement data loading
  • Easy data transfer from printer to PC. USB (VCP/HID) output for PC (USB IT-PAK Vers. 2.1 or later, MeasurLink, Excel a.s.o.)
  • Data Logger Function. Saves up to 1000 data records with time and date. Data can be saved even after the power is turned off.