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Series 178 - Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

This is a measuring instrument that allows you to easily and accurately measure surface roughness.

The Surftest SJ-500 offers you the following benefits:
  • The skidless detector allows you to measure the primary profile (P), roughness profile (R),
    waviness profile (W) and more.
  • User friendly control unit for high precision surface roughness measurement.
  • The large 19 cm [7.5”] colour TFT LCD with touch-screen functionality gives you high visibility and ease of use.
  • The display menu is easy to read and simple to operate.
  • It performs roughness analyses conform to various international standards (EN ISO, VDA, ANSI, JIS) and customized settings.
  • The built-in joystick on the control unit enables quick and easy positioning. The manual
    adjustment knob allows you to finely position a small stylus to measure the inside surface of small holes.
  • The detector unit allows a 90° displacement of the stylus, which is ideal for crankshaft and
    narrow space measurement.
  • You can use the instrument stand-alone or mounted on a stand.