Roundtest RA-10


This is a compact and affordable form measuring instrument.

The Roundtest RA-10 offers you the following benefits:

  • It combines outstanding cost and performance with full measurement capabilities.
  • The machine has a compact body with integrated electronics and printer, making it ideal for installation in space-restricted locations.
  • You can easily view measurement results and recorded profiles on the large coloured LCD panel display.
  • Despite being a low-priced model, the turntable with air bearings gives you rotational accuracy as high as (0.04+0.0006H) μm, assuring a precision that compares well with that of higher priced models.
  • The control panel has large keys and an intuitive layout for easy operation.
  • One-key calling function.
  • One-key zero-set function.
  • Support of 16 languages.
  • It complies with EN ISO standard like 12181-1, 12181-2, 12781-1 and 12781-2.
  • USB Communication Program – Microsoft® Excel ® based – to import results and create, save and print out inspection certificates on PC.
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