Formtracer Extreme SV-C3000CNC and SV-C4000CNC

These are high accuracy fully CNC surface and contour measuring instruments.
The Formtracer Extreme SV-C3000CNC/SV-C4000CNC offer you the following benefits:
  • They are as powerful as two separate, fully CNC instruments.
  • Each axis has a drive speed of up to 200 mm/s.
  • They are perfectly made for increased throughput of multiple profile and workpiece
    measurement tasks.
  • You can take continuous measurement over horizontal and inclined surfaces by power-tilting the drive unit.
  • The contour drive unit of SV-C4000CNC series is equipped with a Laser Hologage detector giving you excellent narrow/wide range accuracy and resolution in the Z1-axis.
  • The detector unit incorporates an anti-collision safety device, causing it to automatically stop if its main body collides with a workpiece or jig.
  • It is supplied with an easy-to-operate remote box.