Accessories for Quick Vision Systems


An optional touch probe (TP) is available for following QV models:
Quick Vision-ACTIVE; Quick Vision-APEX ; Quick Vision-HYPER ; Quick Vision-ACCEL.

  • The Quick Vision-TP system allows you to carry out both non-contact and contact measurements.
  • Compatible with Renishaw Touch Probe TP 20 or TP 200.
  • An optional MCR20 rack for storing probe modules enhances functionality even more.

Tracking Auto Focus Function TTL (Through The Lens) *
For Quick Vision-APEX, Quick Vision-HYPER, Quick Vision-STREAM PLUS, Quick Vision-ULTRA
The Tracking Auto Focus unit (TAF) allows stable, high-speed measurement in the Z-axis, due to the Knife-edge method adopted in the detection system.
The TAF function tracks the waviness and warp of the workpiece surface in Z direction and enhances throughput compared with normal measuring mode.
When TAF is used on a Quick Vision Stream Plus model, fully non-stop measurements become possible.
Using the QV Index to rotate the workpiece makes it possible to automatically measure multiple surface without having to dismount/remount the workpiece.