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Series 211 - Form Measuring System

This is a PC-compliant form measuring system which allows you to measure roundform geometry like cylindricity.

The Roundtest RA-1600 offers the following benefits:
  • It is equipped with a high accurate turntable accuracy of (0.02+0.0006H) µm.
  • You can carry out simple & accurate centering and leveling of the workpiece with D.A.T.
    (Digital Adjustment Table).
  • The user friendly software, ROUNDPAK, gives you easy drag and drop usage.
  • ROUNDPAK also has easy-to-use part programming and single measurement functions.
  • A remote control box is including allowing you easy operation.
  • There is also an auto follow function for easy and quick pre-centering of the workpiece.
RA-1600 Roundness Test
Roundtest RA1600