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CMM Enclosures

Protect your investment for contamination, improve reliability of measurements and reduce maintenance costs. Mitutoyo's Inspection Enclosures are designed to help keep your CMMs and instruments free of airborne contamination.

Features and benefits:
  • Standard fans create positive pressure inside the enclosure to exclude airborne contaminants, increase reliability of measurements and reduce CMM maintenance costs.
  • Air-conditioning option is available to add temperature control to the clean air environment.
  • Enclosed volume provides greatly improved working conditions for intricate
    inspection operations.
  • Double doors fold back enabling easy access for part loading.
  • Modular Design with removable panels enables easy construction around existing machines, straightforward relocation (if required) and assists in annual CMM servicing.
  • Enclosures are robustly built to whitstand the demands of a busy shopfloor
    manufacturing facility.
  • Transparent, polycarbonate, easy-clean panels pass sufficient light for normal use and
    are shatterproof, tough and durable.
  • Clean, functional design enhances the appearance of your CMMs.

Technical details:
  • Framework fabricated from extruded aluminium.
  • Lower panels made from PVC - available in a variety of colours
  • Upper panels in clear polycarbonate.
Environmental Cabinet