CMM Probes

Surface Roughness Measurement directly on the CMM!

This latest Mitutoyo probe head closes the gap between typical dimensional CMM measurements and surface roughness inspection. Instead of having to take the workpiece to another measuring instrument or using additional portable systems, the SURFTEST Probe adds roughness measurement capability to your CMM and so avoids all the cost and inconvenience of additional systems. It brings the proven technology of the SJ-310 series to the CMM with all its  highly capable range of detectors developed for handling specialist applications such as roughness measurement on gears, inside small holes or deep grooves, in addition to simple flat surface measuring tasks.

  • Proven technology from Mitutoyo's SJ-310 Surftest
  • Chose from five types of detector for variant applications
  • High accuracy – no CMM movement during measurement
  • One CNC measurement cycle produces all results
  • Graphical and numerical output
  • One Measurement report for all GD&T requirements
Mitutoyo's Laser Line Scanning Probe

  • Suitable for inspection by CAD comparison and reverse engineering purposes.
  • Autojoint mounting compatible with PH10M/MQ and automatic probe change racks.
  • Automatic laser intensity and camera sensitivity adjustment according to the surface texture.
  • Powder-sprayless measurement even for glossy or multiple colors surfaces.
  • High Speed Scanning by High Acquisition rate of 75000 points/sec (1000 points/line).
  • Scanning uncertainty: 12 µm.
  • Maximum scanning width: 60 mm.
  • Working Distance: 123 mm.
Mitutoyo's Vision Probe System for CMMs

  • Fast optical measurements – the perfect choice for small features and soft materials
  • Ideal in combination with tactile probes
  • Prepared for automatic probe change
  • Four objective lenses offer different optical magnification
  • From 0.375 x to 3.75 x
  • White LED ring light
  • White LED coaxial light
Ultra-High Precision Scanning Probe

  • High resolution of 0.01 µm
  • Measuring range ±1 mm
  • Extremely low measuring forces of 0.03 N
  • Styli length up to 200 mm
  • Air bearing for smooth measurements
  • Axis clamping for scanning on slanted or arched surfaces
Rapid tactile measurements at any probe angle
  • Head touch for improved repeatability
  • Feature-based calibration for improved accuracy
  • Probe change with TP20 moduls
  • Allowing subsequent measurement at any head angle
  • Full support in MCOSMOS
5-axis measurement technology
  • Rapid scanning at any angle
  • dynamic 2-axis head provides most of the stylus motion
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Scanning with 5-axes of simultaneous motion allows unparalleled measurement flexibility
  • ‘Head-touches’ take measurement points faster, with improved accuracy and repeatability
  • 5-axis motion eliminates time spent indexing the head