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CRYSTA-APEX V 500, 700 & 900 Series

The latest generation CRYSTA-Apex coordinate measuring machines, the new CRYSTA-Apex V Series, is packed with state of the art technology, necessary for performing very accurate measurements at high speed. All new, using Mitutoyo’s world-renowned ABS scales, the CRYSTA-Apex V series has a high resistance to environmental conditions and does not require to perform homing upon start-up. SMS capability enables status and service monitoring, ready for use in a Smart Factory environment.

A future proof investment, the CRYSTA-Apex V is capable of tackling any task you might have in the future thanks to its ability to change or add probe systems and software with ease.

Main benefits:

  • Proven lightweight bridge-type construction with high rigidity air-bearings on every axis
  • High accuracy, high speed and high acceleration
  • Temperature sensors for compensation of machine and workpiece from 16° to 26°C and monitoring of the environmental temperature.
  • ABS linear scales provide high environmental resistance and saves time at start-up as homing is not necessary
  • UC480 controller supporting Multi-sensor and SMS functionality (Smart Measuring System)
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Range 500x400x400mm
Range 500x400x400mm with Anti-vibration stand
Range 500x400x400mm with Anti-vibration stand
Range 500x700x400mm
Range 500x700x400mm with Anti-vibration stand
Range 500x700x400mm with Anti-vibration stand
Range 700x700x600mm
1 - 5 (20)