Contracer CV-2100

This contour measuring instrument is designed to support "easy to use" and "speedy"

The Contracer CV-2100N4 and CV-2100M4 offer you the following benefits:
  • Extensive contour measurement quick and easy.
  • Quick movement in Z2 because of an easy to use quick grip. [M4 type]
  • Auto execution and multi point measurement with the new stylus up-and down function.
  • X-axis drive up to 20 mm/s by jog shuttle.
  • Easy part programming as well as single measurement with software FORMTRACEPAK.
  • Automatic evaluation, best fit of contours, CAD comparison and many more features as
  • CV-2100 M4 mounted with quick grip stand on a granite base.
  • CV-2100 N4 can be mounted on an optional granite base with a manual column.
  • Centralized front control panel.
Specifications and accessories