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Styli Cleaner

Item number: 63AAA102



The integrated solution to clean your probe tip

Reliable? Avoid mismeasurement with the StyliCleaner

Put an end to the risk of wrong measuring data caused by a polluted stylus!

Mitutoyo Styli Cleaner The automated solution to remove dust or chip from coordinate measuring machines’ styli. The StyliCleaner automatically cleans your probe tip - even during the measurement process. In as little as 30 seconds a combination of compressed air and detergent reliably removes all dirt from the sensor. The StyliCleaner not only sets an end to the hassle of manual cleaning but also to the time-consuming recalibration of all probe angles that follows it. As a result, StyliCleaner dramatically increases the efficiency and reliability of your quality assurance!

Developed by a Mitutoyo application engineer together with one of his customers,  only with a prototype, has shown exceptional results from the beginning. Also, other customers did tests and were happily surprised by the results. Especially there were production measurements and SPC were involved. That’s why in every Metrology course it is mentioned: Clean the part, the fixture and the styli.


For straight styli only

Description protocol system table

Product TypeThreadTip Material / Ø/Total LengthML/ML1Shaft material / ØDS/DS1Base material /Ø
01: Straight StylusM2R: Ruby Ballx length in mmx length in mmSWC: Wolfram CarbideBS: Stainless Steel
02: Cylinder StylusM3SiN: Silicon Nitride Ball/x in case of ML1SCER: CeramicsBAl: Aluminium 
03: Disc StylusM4Z: Zirconia BallSCFC: carbon fibre compositeBTi: Titanium 
04: Multi way stylusM5D: Diamond BallSS: Stainless steel
05: Ball Disc StylusDC: Diamond Coated BallSAl: Aluminium
06 : ExtensionRC: Ruby Cylinder
07 : AdapterCC: Carbide Cylinderx length in mmX diameter in mm
08 : Knuckle & CubeSC: Stainless Steel Cylinder/x in case of DS1
09: JointBDC: Ball Disc Ceramic
10-X: Holder  -X number
of receiver positions
DR:  Ruby Disc
11: Tool DS: Steel Disc
12: Accessory